Monday, April 30, 2012

#OrphanedPostcardProject, OPP

Today I mailed four adopted postcards back to their original parent - @PostMuse.  I hope anyone that has been adopted or has adopted children does not take offense to this post.  All those involved in the adoption process deserve a round of applause including biological parents, parents/families adopting, and most importantly, children that have been adopted.  How wonderful to know that your biological and adoptive parents/families want the absolute best for you!  

On a lighter note, my orphaned postcards showed up in my P.O. Box with no postal history.  Fortunately, all four of these wonderful postcards were receptive to me writing a piece of history upon their blank slate.  I then promptly returned these four little beauties back to @PostMuse.  I know they will be cherished upon their safe return home! If you would like to see a picture of my four little friends, go to Twitter and follow @CSPaperholic, #OrphanedPostcardProject.

If you would like to adopt your own Orphaned Postcards, please visit  It's a really fun project!

I also mailed my Send Something Good package today :)  My US postal worker, Alicia, was kind enough to use stamps for the 12+ dollars in postage rather than the printed postage label!  I was sure to say, "Thank you!"  many times during the transaction.

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