Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Received Something Good

Yesterday I revealed what I sent for the Send Something Good swap, and introduced you to my new friend Katie, author of  "Married to Red, White and Blue"  blog.

Today you get to see what I received during the swap, and meet another friend I made during this process.  Shauna Wyrick, author of the blog "Life Captured,"  obviously read my wish list and sent me a fabulous box of goodies.  Shauna is a 30-something wife, mother, blogger and photographer.  I really admire the beautiful Life Captured graphics on her blog's banner.

So, here is my Something Good Loot...

Here's a peek inside my package - I spy stationery which is always a hit!

There was pretty polka dot tissue paper, neon flowers, 
and fun gift wrap waiting to be torn into.

Stationery, note cards, an oversized clothespin and refreshing reeds.
I wonder what is in that gift bag and flip flop package?  Hmmm..

            Inside the gift bag was a great little wooden box and chocolate! I love 
            small containers of all shapes and sizes and who doesn't love CHOCOLATE!  
            Last, but definitely not least, was the Il Papiro stationery wrapped with a 
            little red bow.  These hand decorated marbleized cards are beautiful!

Thank you, Shauna!  I love all of my new paper goods, and the chocolate is....

Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Reveal - Send Something Good

Today is the day for the Big Reveal!  Bloggers that participated in the Send Something Good swap are to reveal what he/she sent and received during this swap!

Below are photos of the items I sent to Katie, author of "Married to Red, White, and Blue" .  Katie is a newlywed who is married to a Marine.  She and her husband are stationed in Hawaii.

Package as Sent

Contents of Package
All items were wrapped in a patriotic theme.

Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers
Katie has a collection of 50+ shakers!

Dog Bone Photo Keychain
Katie has two dogs that she adores!

Solar Hula Girl and Patriotic Lei
Did I mention that Katie and her Marine husband live in Hawaii?

Food Network Magazine
Katie loves to cook.

Katie and her husband recently celebrated their 1st anniversary.
A photo album/scrapbook was sent in honor of their Paper Anniversary.

New Pad Postcard
Katie and her husband plan to move into base housing very soon!

Handmade Accordion Card
The card introduced myself and explained the significance of each item.

That's all folks!  Tune in tomorrow to see what I received during this swap.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Postcards Received - National Postcard Week 2012

Here they are - the postcards I received from my first Swap-bot.com partner and coordinator, Druideye!  Thank you for including me and for sending me a gi-normous postcard to boot!  I love architecture and travel so these cards were perfect.  Plus, I received a bonus card from Lake County Museum which houses Curt Teich Postcard Archives.

Clockwise starting with Top Right
National Postcard Week sent by Curt Teich Postcard Archives
Lauritzen Gardens at Omaha's Botanical Center
Casablanca in Millionaires Colony
Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed in Moscow
Center, George Washinton's Mount Vernon Estate

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Postcards Sent for National Postcard Week 2012

Well, Thursday came and went without my unveiling of postcards swapped for National Postcard Week.  My apologies...life was busier than expected.  So, here are the postcards I sent with a little insight as to why certain postcards were chosen.

Monday - The Beatles, Abbey Road Album Cover
Day 1 - The National Postcard Week swap was kicked off with a card featuring The Beatles.  Turns out my swap partner, Druideye, and her children are BIG fans. Guess what?  So am I !

Tuesday -  Scenic Virginia Postcard
Day 2 - I chose to share a postcard from a spot I have visited many times in Virginia.  The pink envelope is a thank you note I sent out the same day to my Send Something Good Package Pal.  It is decorated with Washi Tape which is one of my new favorite envelope embellishments.

Wednesday - 1950's Photograph by Dennis Hallinan

Day 3 - Druideye is a photographer, so I thought she may enjoy this shot.  However, I have a question...Was this photograph actually shot as shown?  Or were all three women photographed individually, and the photograph altered later  to create the illusion that these ladies were photographed all together?  Notice the one shadow in the water....Hmmm. Regardless, it is a glamorous photograph, and I love the final composition.

Thursday - Still Lives #3, Photograph by Maria Friberg
Day 4 - Another photograph postcard is sent in honor of Druideye's love of books.  Personally, I find this image slightly disturbing though.  I would have entitled this one, Book Swarm or Suffocated by Books.

Friday - Pamplin Historical Park
Day 5 - The swap ended with a postcard sent from Pamplin Historical Park which I actually visited during National Postcard Week 2012.  

I really enjoyed my first swap on swap-bot.com.  I would like to thank Druideye for including me in the swap even though I did not yet have a rating.  Thanks a million!

Tomorrow I will post all the postcards I received from Druideye during this swap.  I still need to pick one up at my P.O. Box.  BTW, I am loving my new P.O. Box - best splurge ever!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

National Postcard Week

So, did you know that this week is National Postcard Week?  It is True.  You can follow this glorious event on Twitter with #NationalPostcardWeek .  I myself was not aware of the significance of this week until I happened to see a swap listed on Swap-bot.com for this very occasion.  I was so excited when the coordinator agreed to do a private swap with me since I am not a rated swapper. As I mentioned in an earlier post regarding Swap-bot, I am still a Newb with regard to the swapping world.  However, my kind coordinator, druideye, decided to do a private swap with me, AND she is going to provide me with my first rating!  Yes, I will no longer be considered a Newb!

So, the swap consists of sending 1 postcard a day for 5 consecutive days, Monday - Friday to one partner.  How easy is that, right?!  And the best part is my P.O. Box is getting ready to receive 5 postcards!  Super exciting!  I will begin posting photos of cards sent (and received) each day beginning this Thursday.  I want to give my postcards a chance to reach their final destination before I start posting them.  For me, half the fun of receiving postcards and letters is the surprise of what they look like - what type of stationery was used, which postage stamps did the sender  choose, how were they addressed?  Sorry, that's the way paperholics think.  So, I don't want to spoil the surprise by posting too soon should my swap partner visit this blog.  However, if you are curious about my personal choices with regard to postcards sent, be sure to check back this Thursday.  

Until then, purchase some postcards, mail a few in honor of National Postcard Week, and post a photo on Twitter with #NationalPostcardWeek - I would love to see YOUR choices!  If you would like to send me a postcard, my address is listed below.  My P.O. Box and I would appreciate your postal support.

Christy of Christopher Scott
P.O. Box 2251
Forest, VA 24551

Saturday, May 5, 2012

SendSomethingGood, Swap-bot and PostCrossing

I received my SendSomethingGood package last Thursday!  It was such a thoughtful package, and I really enjoyed my individually wrapped goodies.  I am not including photos (yet), because I believe all the participants will be posting pictures on the same day near the end of the month.  We will be having a BIG Reveal - Fun! Fun!  Waiting until the end of the month will ensure that everyone's package has had enough time to reach him or her.  The package I sent, for instance, has many miles to travel and could take up to three weeks to reach my Secret Blogger.  It was mailed on April 30 though, so recipient (and no, you don't know who you are) hang in there...it's on its way!

On another note, I have signed up for two mail art exchanges on Swap-bot.com, www.swap-bot.com. No rejections so far, and I received a nice email from one coordinator welcoming me to the swap.  I will be sending out my decorated envelopes later this month for those swaps.  Photos will be included after they are complete.

Also, last week I sent out five postcards for the PostCrossing Project, www.postcrossing.com .  None have been received yet, but I will keep you posted when I receive my own postcards from this project.

PostCrossing Postcards

Flipside - Beautiful Stamps Ready for a Long Journey

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