Sunday, May 13, 2012

Postcards Sent for National Postcard Week 2012

Well, Thursday came and went without my unveiling of postcards swapped for National Postcard Week.  My was busier than expected.  So, here are the postcards I sent with a little insight as to why certain postcards were chosen.

Monday - The Beatles, Abbey Road Album Cover
Day 1 - The National Postcard Week swap was kicked off with a card featuring The Beatles.  Turns out my swap partner, Druideye, and her children are BIG fans. Guess what?  So am I !

Tuesday -  Scenic Virginia Postcard
Day 2 - I chose to share a postcard from a spot I have visited many times in Virginia.  The pink envelope is a thank you note I sent out the same day to my Send Something Good Package Pal.  It is decorated with Washi Tape which is one of my new favorite envelope embellishments.

Wednesday - 1950's Photograph by Dennis Hallinan

Day 3 - Druideye is a photographer, so I thought she may enjoy this shot.  However, I have a question...Was this photograph actually shot as shown?  Or were all three women photographed individually, and the photograph altered later  to create the illusion that these ladies were photographed all together?  Notice the one shadow in the water....Hmmm. Regardless, it is a glamorous photograph, and I love the final composition.

Thursday - Still Lives #3, Photograph by Maria Friberg
Day 4 - Another photograph postcard is sent in honor of Druideye's love of books.  Personally, I find this image slightly disturbing though.  I would have entitled this one, Book Swarm or Suffocated by Books.

Friday - Pamplin Historical Park
Day 5 - The swap ended with a postcard sent from Pamplin Historical Park which I actually visited during National Postcard Week 2012.  

I really enjoyed my first swap on  I would like to thank Druideye for including me in the swap even though I did not yet have a rating.  Thanks a million!

Tomorrow I will post all the postcards I received from Druideye during this swap.  I still need to pick one up at my P.O. Box.  BTW, I am loving my new P.O. Box - best splurge ever!

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  1. Thanks for my Thank you card! That was a nice surprise, glad you liked it ;)


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