Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Received Something Good

Yesterday I revealed what I sent for the Send Something Good swap, and introduced you to my new friend Katie, author of  "Married to Red, White and Blue"  blog.

Today you get to see what I received during the swap, and meet another friend I made during this process.  Shauna Wyrick, author of the blog "Life Captured,"  obviously read my wish list and sent me a fabulous box of goodies.  Shauna is a 30-something wife, mother, blogger and photographer.  I really admire the beautiful Life Captured graphics on her blog's banner.

So, here is my Something Good Loot...

Here's a peek inside my package - I spy stationery which is always a hit!

There was pretty polka dot tissue paper, neon flowers, 
and fun gift wrap waiting to be torn into.

Stationery, note cards, an oversized clothespin and refreshing reeds.
I wonder what is in that gift bag and flip flop package?  Hmmm..

            Inside the gift bag was a great little wooden box and chocolate! I love 
            small containers of all shapes and sizes and who doesn't love CHOCOLATE!  
            Last, but definitely not least, was the Il Papiro stationery wrapped with a 
            little red bow.  These hand decorated marbleized cards are beautiful!

Thank you, Shauna!  I love all of my new paper goods, and the chocolate is....

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