Monday, April 30, 2012

#OrphanedPostcardProject, OPP

Today I mailed four adopted postcards back to their original parent - @PostMuse.  I hope anyone that has been adopted or has adopted children does not take offense to this post.  All those involved in the adoption process deserve a round of applause including biological parents, parents/families adopting, and most importantly, children that have been adopted.  How wonderful to know that your biological and adoptive parents/families want the absolute best for you!  

On a lighter note, my orphaned postcards showed up in my P.O. Box with no postal history.  Fortunately, all four of these wonderful postcards were receptive to me writing a piece of history upon their blank slate.  I then promptly returned these four little beauties back to @PostMuse.  I know they will be cherished upon their safe return home! If you would like to see a picture of my four little friends, go to Twitter and follow @CSPaperholic, #OrphanedPostcardProject.

If you would like to adopt your own Orphaned Postcards, please visit  It's a really fun project!

I also mailed my Send Something Good package today :)  My US postal worker, Alicia, was kind enough to use stamps for the 12+ dollars in postage rather than the printed postage label!  I was sure to say, "Thank you!"  many times during the transaction.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Send Something Good - Ready for Take Off

Today is the deadline for all Send Something Good participants to photograph their packages ready to be mailed on Monday.

Send Something Good Package
My Secret Blogger's (SB) package is ready for take off or at least a fabulous send off.  Since it will have to travel quite a long way, the expected postage is a little pricey.  However, I am sure my SB is worth it.  So, I was wondering if anyone has mailed a package of this size which will require approximately $15 in postage with just stamps alone?  Since it is over 13 ounces, I will have to take it to the post office, and I am concerned that I may be strongly encouraged to use the printed postage label.  Being a collector of canceled stamps myself, I would love to use many different postage stamps on my SB's package just to "doll it up" a little more.  Any words of advice with regard to winning over my US postal worker?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rejected by Swap-Bot

After securing a P.O. Box last week, I was excited to sign up for my first mail swap on  I searched through the available swaps and found one for mail art that looked fun.  I had been thinking about how I wanted to decorate my envelope and, planned to work on it this week.  However, this morning I checked email and discovered that I have been removed from the swap because I am a "Newb" .  That's right, I do not have a rating yet since I am new to Swap-Bot, and the coordinator has apparently been burned by Newbs in the past.  I was encouraged to get five or six swaps under my belt, build a positive rating, and then check back with the coordinator.  I was very disappointed.  So glad the Send Something Good Project did not exclude me due to Newb-ness.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creating Something Good for my Secret Blogger (SB)

Today I sat down and thought through what items I plan to include in my Secret Blogger's package.  I have a definite game plan now!   I am really enjoying getting to know my blogger through this secretive process.  Rather than just going out and buying items on his/her "Like List", I spent some time this afternoon handcrafting a few items to include.  Wonder what I will receive in my own package?!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Christy's Likes and Dislikes for the Send Something Good Project

I am so envious of Kaitlyn's beautiful display of her likes...see yesterday's post for more information. It is such a beautiful graphic display.  One day I hope my blog will be so visually appealing.  However, being new to this arena, it is going to take some time to acquire those graphic skills.

With that said here are my likes....and dislikes.

Christy Likes:

  • Architecture
  • Art
  • Paper Transformations - Origami, Pop-Up Books, Paper Sculptures, Mobiles
  • Postage Stamps - New or Canceled
  • Typography
  • Artists' Books
  • Mail Art
  • Postcards
  • Letterpress Anything
  • Artisan Papers
  • Unusual Gift Wrap
  • Stationery
  • Notebooks
  • Pencil Bags
  • Small Containers
  • Handmade Envelopes and Liners
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Journals
  • Washi Tape
  • Twine
  • Labels

Christy Dislikes:

  • Unicorns  - creepy
  • Clowns  - creepier 
  • Really "Cute" Items - including items that spell Cute or Country with a "K"
  • Fairies - too Cute
  • Japanese Animation - I just don't get it!
  • Altered Objects/Images that are dark, violent, or vulgar in nature - Architects are dark enough. Please don't drag me down that path any farther.
I am loving this project to date.  I have so many package ideas for my Secret Blogger (SB). I can start pulling together my SB's Package!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Send Something Good Link Up

Interested in viewing participants' blogs for the Send Something Good Project?  See the link below to Kaitlyn Patience's blog isavirtue .  Kaitlyn, Gentri Lee and Kristy organized a wonderful Link Up for those bloggers busily gathering packages to send to their Secret Package Pals later this month.  This is so exciting!
isavirtue: snapshot | send something good notes: project

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P. O. Box

Today I treated myself to a P.O. Box, and signed up for my first mail swap through! I have been wanting my own P.O. Box for sometime now. That is now the address where I will retrieve Fun Mail - swaps, pen pals, and paperholic rated mail. No bills allowed! This feels almost decadent to have my very own P. O. Box. Being a mother and wife, it has been quite awhile since anything of mine has not been fair game for all to plunder. When I received the keys to my Box, I was immediately reminded of my college P.O. Box. I checked that box daily and generally received something that made me smile. I wrote many letters during college and received many in return. However, my biggest surprise was how often my Dad sent me cards and notes while I was away at college. Dad must have sent me at least two cards every week. And prior to leaving for college I was not really a "Daddy's Girl.". My Dad was just so genuinely excited for me to go to college that he wanted to ensure I remained happy during that first year away. That is what parents do for their children...everything in their power to make them happy. And trust
me, my Mom has done more than her fair share in that department too. So, I am not in college anymore, but I am still looking forward to checking MY P.O. Box for goodies in the future. Let the snail mail begin!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Send Something Good Begins!

I was so excited to wake up and see the name and address of my Secret Blogger (SB) ! I already have several ideas about items to include in my SB's package.

As I was reading through Kaitlyn's mailing tips, I was excited to see she encouraged everyone to use postage stamps and not printed postage labels. See, I collect canceled postage stamps! No, they are not in albums, but they are sorted and organized in boxes. Years ago, my in- laws asked my husband if he wanted boxes of canceled stamps they had collected while working for a company that received oodles of postcards. He was less than excited, but my eyes lit up! It immediately brought back memories of my stamp book as a kid. Besides, stamps are like little works of art, and architects love that kind of thing! So, I then took on the daunting task of organizing the stamps and sorting out individual collections for all of my in-laws's grandchildren, including my own two boys. The boys aren't currently that interested in their collections, but I keep adding to them. We can't all be scrapbookers...some of us are stamp people.

So, to my Secret Blogger, please place real postage stamps on my package! That counts as a special gift to me : )

Friday, April 13, 2012


So, my answer to yesterday's question/challenge ....

Q.  Write down a new fact you recently learned.

A.  As defined on Wikipedia, a parklet is a small urban park, often created by replacing several under-utilized parallel parking spots with a patio, planters, trees, benches,café tables with chairs, fountain(s), artwork, sculptures and/or bicycle parking.[1][2]

1. "Pavement to Parks San Francisco: Divisadero Street Parklet". Retrieved 18 May 2010.
2. "SF Pavement to Parks - Divisadero Parklet Flickr Gallery". Retrieved 12 June 2010.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Question of the Day

I love the idea of New Year's Resolutions ( i.e. fresh starts, a chance for do-overs, opportunities for change); however like most well intentioned people I have a hard time following through.  I blame it on my "glass half empty" mentality.  At the beginning of each year I am enthusiastic , and secretly relieved to have survived another year of Christmas Mayhem, but the enthusiasm quickly fades.  The desire to lose weight, be a better person, conquer something on my Mid-Life Crisis List, falls to the wayside as the day-in-and-day-out routine consumes half of the liquid in my glass.  I am not alone, which is why many individuals choose not to make any New Year Resolutions.  For what ever reason though, I generally jump in enthusiastically every January 1st just to find out what I am not capable of conquering.

However, 2012 I decided was going to be different!  I decided to make two resolutions - neither of which deal with weight loss.  This year I decided I would make resolutions that involve hobbies, interests, obsessions - Paper!  First, I decided to do my part for the USPS and send out 52 Mailings in 52 Weeks.  I am proud to announce that the mailings are on track!  They have consisted primarily of cards to friends and family for birthdays or special events. I have made a conscious effort to personalize these items with a hand written note or letter.  During my first year in college (many moons ago), I wrote several letters every week and received oodles of snail mail in return.  There was no email, twitter, or social networking, just my P.O. Box.  I still have many of the letters I received during college.   These small little packages of encouragement and laughs were often times what kept me motivated.

Second, I decided to keep some form of a journal.  I knew it had to be short and sweet, or I would...well, QUIT!  Then I read the article below about the Q. & A. a Day journal that is posted below.  I knew that this was the answer!  I look forward to each day's new question, and it generally takes me less than five minutes to record my response.  As the article mentions, you answer a new question each day of the year.  However, you respond to the same question on that particular day over a period of five years.  It will be interesting to look back over the years and see how my answers have evolved...or not!

So, today's Question/Challenge of the Day is.....

Q.  Write down a new fact you recently learned.

A.  ?

I'll post my answer tomorrow just in case I come across a really fun fact over the course of my day.

Life etc.: Journal- Q&A a Day: A 5 Year Journal

Life etc.: Journal- Q&A a Day: A 5 Year Journal: I was just blog hopping a few days ago when I came upon this: Q&A a Day: A 5 Year Journal (on Anthropologie ). One journal for 5 years...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Omiyage Blogs: What Is Washi Tape?

Omiyage Blogs: What Is Washi Tape?: Let's talk tape! You might be wondering what all this fuss about tape is. You might be asking yourself - what is washi tape??? So, ...

Washi Tape 2 Dye 4...or 5

After reading the article posted above about Washi Tape varieties, I decided to try them out on Easter Eggs.  This is a great way to embellish dyed eggs, and it is uber-easy!  This decorating party was a hit with kids of all ages.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not Too Late to Send/Receive Something Good

Time is running out, but you can still be part of the Send Something Good Project.  Click the link on the sidebar to learn more about the project on Gentri Lee's blog.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Send Something Good 2012 Project

Yesterday, I mentioned that the Send Something Good postal swap spurred me on to actually begin blogging.  So, the swap has asked new bloggers (that would be me) to share five things about themselves and five types of material they prefer.  So, here we go...

Top 5 Things About Christy

  1. Occupation: Architect, in retrospect Graphic Designer may have been a better fit.
  2. Favorite Color(s):  All shades of Green + Tangerine Tango (2012 Pantone Color of the Year)
  3. Hobbies: Stamp Collecting, Rubber Stamping, Creating Paper Concoctions
  4. Dream Job:  Owner of a Stationery Store featuring Artisan Paper Goods
  5. 2012 New Year's Resolution:  To keep in touch with friends and family by sending out 52 Mailings in 52 Weeks via Snail Mail.  So far so good!
Top 5 Materials Christy Enjoys
  1. Mail Art
  2. Handmade Papers
  3. All Things Letterpress
  4. Business Cards and Calling Cards
  5. Notebooks of all Kinds
Hope this helps my Secret Blogger!  

Friday, April 6, 2012

Time Flies

I started this blog over eighteen months ago, and am just getting around to actually blogging.  I knew I wanted to blog about paper related items but was unsure where to begin.  Well, yesterday I read about the Send Something Good Project, and decided I would love to send and receive Something Good via snail mail.  However, the project really wants participants to be bloggers - so this is my starting point.

About Me

My photo
VA, United States
Christopher Scott is a pen name under which my paper concoctions are created. My pen is a compilation of family names and recognizes those that endure the chaos surrounding my paper obession. During childhood many hours were spent cutting, pasting,and creating merely for personal enjoyment. College consisted of much more of the same as I cut, pasted, and created my way through Architecture School. Now, many years later my paper addiction ensues. Hence, Christopher Scott (a.k.a. paperholic)