Thursday, April 12, 2012

Question of the Day

I love the idea of New Year's Resolutions ( i.e. fresh starts, a chance for do-overs, opportunities for change); however like most well intentioned people I have a hard time following through.  I blame it on my "glass half empty" mentality.  At the beginning of each year I am enthusiastic , and secretly relieved to have survived another year of Christmas Mayhem, but the enthusiasm quickly fades.  The desire to lose weight, be a better person, conquer something on my Mid-Life Crisis List, falls to the wayside as the day-in-and-day-out routine consumes half of the liquid in my glass.  I am not alone, which is why many individuals choose not to make any New Year Resolutions.  For what ever reason though, I generally jump in enthusiastically every January 1st just to find out what I am not capable of conquering.

However, 2012 I decided was going to be different!  I decided to make two resolutions - neither of which deal with weight loss.  This year I decided I would make resolutions that involve hobbies, interests, obsessions - Paper!  First, I decided to do my part for the USPS and send out 52 Mailings in 52 Weeks.  I am proud to announce that the mailings are on track!  They have consisted primarily of cards to friends and family for birthdays or special events. I have made a conscious effort to personalize these items with a hand written note or letter.  During my first year in college (many moons ago), I wrote several letters every week and received oodles of snail mail in return.  There was no email, twitter, or social networking, just my P.O. Box.  I still have many of the letters I received during college.   These small little packages of encouragement and laughs were often times what kept me motivated.

Second, I decided to keep some form of a journal.  I knew it had to be short and sweet, or I would...well, QUIT!  Then I read the article below about the Q. & A. a Day journal that is posted below.  I knew that this was the answer!  I look forward to each day's new question, and it generally takes me less than five minutes to record my response.  As the article mentions, you answer a new question each day of the year.  However, you respond to the same question on that particular day over a period of five years.  It will be interesting to look back over the years and see how my answers have evolved...or not!

So, today's Question/Challenge of the Day is.....

Q.  Write down a new fact you recently learned.

A.  ?

I'll post my answer tomorrow just in case I come across a really fun fact over the course of my day.

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