Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P. O. Box

Today I treated myself to a P.O. Box, and signed up for my first mail swap through! I have been wanting my own P.O. Box for sometime now. That is now the address where I will retrieve Fun Mail - swaps, pen pals, and paperholic rated mail. No bills allowed! This feels almost decadent to have my very own P. O. Box. Being a mother and wife, it has been quite awhile since anything of mine has not been fair game for all to plunder. When I received the keys to my Box, I was immediately reminded of my college P.O. Box. I checked that box daily and generally received something that made me smile. I wrote many letters during college and received many in return. However, my biggest surprise was how often my Dad sent me cards and notes while I was away at college. Dad must have sent me at least two cards every week. And prior to leaving for college I was not really a "Daddy's Girl.". My Dad was just so genuinely excited for me to go to college that he wanted to ensure I remained happy during that first year away. That is what parents do for their children...everything in their power to make them happy. And trust
me, my Mom has done more than her fair share in that department too. So, I am not in college anymore, but I am still looking forward to checking MY P.O. Box for goodies in the future. Let the snail mail begin!


  1. i almost teared at at the thought of your dad sending you stuff in the mail! i get excited when my dad emails me!

  2. there is just something so romantic about having a po box...

    glad to have you participating in Send Something Good! Talk to you soon!


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