Saturday, April 28, 2012

Send Something Good - Ready for Take Off

Today is the deadline for all Send Something Good participants to photograph their packages ready to be mailed on Monday.

Send Something Good Package
My Secret Blogger's (SB) package is ready for take off or at least a fabulous send off.  Since it will have to travel quite a long way, the expected postage is a little pricey.  However, I am sure my SB is worth it.  So, I was wondering if anyone has mailed a package of this size which will require approximately $15 in postage with just stamps alone?  Since it is over 13 ounces, I will have to take it to the post office, and I am concerned that I may be strongly encouraged to use the printed postage label.  Being a collector of canceled stamps myself, I would love to use many different postage stamps on my SB's package just to "doll it up" a little more.  Any words of advice with regard to winning over my US postal worker?


  1. Kaitlyn is the mailing expert. :) You can ask her, she should know.

  2. Have you thought of using the flat rate postage? Chec and find out the cheapest way to send. I do it all the time and weigh it at home and usually ,and most of the time, my scale is right on.

  3. i hope you convinced the postal worker to use real postage stamps! i find if you are just really kind about it, they don't mind. you know "and if you wouldn't mind, i would so appreciate if we could put genuine postage stamps on my package!"
    and i only had to say it a couple times at my regular post office and now they say "would you like real stamps?" it's great. and if the line up is huge i tell them not worry about it.


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